Shallow Stories

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This image was captured in 2019 over a drained acid sulfate soil lagoon in the Everlasting Swamp in Northern NSW. There is a layer of very clear acidic water over the surface of the swamp that had been inundated approximately two days before I took the photo. Very subtle ripples on the water’s surface can be seen particularly in the lower half of the image.

The cracks in the clay had not yet closed up and iron deposited on the surface throws bright colours under the shallow water. It’s a set of circumstances that doesn’t occur often. The sprinkling of black dots are the stubbly remains of grasses unable to grow in the harsh conditions.

The title “Shallow Stories” relates to the thin veneer of both water and of my story of this landscape. My story is simply the last story laid on top of one hundred others.

Giclee quality photographic print on Moab fine art paper which is a 300gsm natural rag 100% cotton paper of archival quality. The print is 135cm tall by 110cm wide. Prints are individually signed and numbered (limited edition of 2).